Innovation centre CET
  • Innovation Centre Workspace

    Providing the right tools in the right atmosphere to bring your ideas to life

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  • The School Project : Inspire. Innovate. Engineer.

    Encouraging school students to make changes through engineering.

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  • Training at Bosch Rexoth Lab

    Innovation Centre and Bosch partner to provide technical training for EE,EC,CS,ME students

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    Intercollegiate project submission and discussion event.

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Coding club - coding your dreams

Motto :Our aim is to increase the diversity of the students studying to challenge the stereotypes and to create accessible opportunities for all students to experience the subject first hand. The club holds regular sessions for both beginners and people better versed in code. It also caters to the needs of non CS students who might need help with coding related to their projects. Since its inception the club has been actively engaged in bringing together coders in the campus by establishing a platform for them to help each other out and improve their skillset and language knowledge. A number of seminars and workshops are conducted by the club to provide exposure and encouragement. The club conducts coding based competitions and also actively sends contingents to represent the college in events in various colleges.

Eureka - Friends helping friends fly

A national project presentation competition as well as discussion forum, Eureka, hosted by the Innovation Centre CET provides a platform for the thinkers and makers of tomorrow to come together under one roof. Each part of the event will unfold in different stages over the course of the next few months. Eureka is an opportunity for all who have found their "aha" moment to bring their ideas into action on a national stage. To top it, prizes await the best projects among the ones presented, Intercollegiate project submission and discussion event.

Innovation club - innovative ideas only

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Design Club - A Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it

Motto :To create a centre of excellence in design thinking and the discipline of innovation including creative user-centric approaches to developing products, processes and services at CET through networking and skill building activities. The club is the congregation of students with an avid taste for art. Its majorly constituted by architecture students who are encouraged to think out of the box and to promote intelligent design theory to their fellow students.

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